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For homes unconnected to a public water main, the well is the most important component of a plumbing system. It provides the water that makes everything else work. These pumps operate for years and decades, forcing water upward from underground and into your home.

In addition to providing strong water flow, well pumps also have to filter out particulates and biological contaminants. They make your water available and drinkable at your convenience. Each of these processes is vulnerable to specific problems, and any one of them breaking could turn your drinking or washing water into a biohazard.

Usage Risks and Complications

For all the strain it’s placed under, your well usually performs capably. Just pumping water requires a monumental amount of work each and every day. All of this translates into wear and tear on the well’s infrastructure, which leads to inefficient pumping.

Keep your well maintained through regular inspections and by testing for contaminants and other hazards. It’s recommended that you have your well inspected for maintenance every year and tested for biohazards and other difficulties every few years. You can help by keeping the well area clear of contaminating substances and being careful around your well equipment.


Biological and Physical Failures

Your well is fairly vulnerable to biological and physical hazards. These include bacterial growths, rust, corrosion, accidentally pumping sand through the system and more. Anything that places unnecessary strain on your well’s filtering system can result in a weaker filter. This means that more contaminants will come through. Some, such as iron bacteria and biofilm, can be rather difficult to remove.

Improve Water Flow

Fortunately, when it comes to wells in disrepair, Billy Bell Plumbing Inc. has the resources and experience needed to remedy your situation. We’ll keep your plumbing in a positive state so that these hassles happen less often.

When your well breaks down, give us a call. We understand the importance of good water flow, and we’re eager to get it flowing for you again.

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