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Septic Tank Pumping & Cleanout

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Septic Services in Gainesville GA

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Additional Charges May Include:

  • If the tank access is covered by anything including grass and/or dirt, there may be additional costs depending upon the extra factors or circumstances.
  • Depending upon the distance from the tank to the pump, there may be additional charges if it requires additional septic hoses to be added in order to reach the tank. The farther away from the septic tank, the pump requires more suction which makes it work harder and shortens the life of the pump.
  • If your septic tank is deeper than 18 inches below the ground surface, there may be additional charges to dig.
  • There are some septic tanks that have not been maintained and are considered neglected. If this is the case, we may be unable to pump the tank due to solids in the tank becoming so solidified that it cannot be pumped through the hose. We do, however, offer a solution to the problem: If needed, our truck is equipped with a piece of equipment to break up the solids in order to pump your septic tank.

Upon completion of pumping your septic tank, our technicians will perform a check list to help ensure that the tank is installed and performing properly; these service may require additional costs. Our certified technicians can offer a tank inspection at the customers discretion for additional costs and then make recommendations, if needed, to get your septic tank back working adequately. Our technicians will provide a quote including the additional costs for any repairs that may be needed.

Septic System Inspections – Call today to schedule your Septic Tank Inspection!

Septic Tank Pumping - Gainesville GA

The following is information from Forsyth County Environmental Health Department:
“If you are going to have your septic tank pumped please be aware that there are companies that will try to take advantage of your situation. You should avoid companies that advertise they will pump your tank for exceptionally low fees. These companies intend on adding unnecessary services and fees to raise the price after their initial price quote.”

Billy Bell Plumbing is as an approved septic tank installer and septic tank pumper in Northeast Georgia. Our technicians are certified plumbers and will determine the best service you need, whether you need only a septic tank cleaning, field line replacement or other plumbing problems that may be causing your septic tank and plumbing backup.

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