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Sump Pump Installation & Repair

Sump Pumps

Maintaining Your Outflow Since 2004

Water gets everywhere, but it doesn’t have to stay there. When you make a spill in your basement or you flush something down the toilet, that water has to go somewhere. Most homes are well-equipped with the necessary machinery for this. However, even the most tireless plumbing system breaks down every once in a while. Sump pumps and lifting stations are no different. When they fall apart, you’re going to want them fixed as soon as possible to keep the water going where it’s supposed to.

Sump Pumps for Basement Efficiency


Basement spills are no laughing matter. You might not need to cry over spilled milk, but spilled water can be a big problem, especially if it’s left standing there. Fortunately, many basements come equipped with sump pumps. These devices take water that has pooled into basement drains and pump that water out of the property.

A broken sump pump can result in standing water and mold growth, neither of which are healthy for your basement. When this occurs, you can call us up, at any time and any location. We take pride in our emergency maintenance and repair services. We know that we can get your pump back to optimal working condition.

Sewage and septic backflows usually mean that you’ve got a broken lift station. Call us up for routine maintenance or emergency repairs. We’ll send your sewage back where it belongs.


Get a Pump Inspection Today


You don’t have to settle for poorly performing pumps. Billy Bell Plumbing has offered superb plumbing repairs and services to the greater Gainesville area for more than a decade. We can handle whatever your pumps throw at us.

Consult with us today for our inspection and repair services.

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