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Septic Tank Installation

Septic Installation Services in Northeast GA

24-Hour Septic Tank Service

Billy Bell Plumbing understands that septic emergencies happen when you least expect it, so if your pipe bursts at 3 AM, we can help. Our company’s motto is, “Don’t Scream and Yell… Call Billy Bell,” and we really mean it – which is why we offer 24-hour Emergency Septic Services.

If you need septic system services in Northeast Georgia give us a call at 770-536-5083 for an examination by our septic tank experts. We will help however we can!

  • Septic Tank Installation
  • Drain Field Line Installation and Repairs
  • Sewer Line Install & Repair
  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Grease Trap Cleanout 


Emergency Septic Services

There are a few things that could go wrong. Too many solids put into your tank limit its performance efficiency, lowering the drainage pressure of your toilet or tub. In addition, these solids can fill up your septic tank, leading to blockages in the drain pipe and leakages into your yard. A bad drain field can turn the ground above it into a bog.

When things like this happen, you’ll want to call us. Billy Bell Plumbing operates on an emergency basis; we’re always ready for what you need to throw at us. Don’t shrug it off or endure poor plumbing conditions. We’re here for you, whenever and wherever you need us.


24-Hour Emergency Service! Call Now: 770-536-5083

Phone: 770-536-5083
24-Hour Emergency Plumbing & Septic Service

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